I was terribly anxious for the inaugural MODXpo event in Dallas. I had not given a presentation in front of anyone since 2000, when I was a Knowledge Management Analyst for an Enterprise Portal startup called Viador. Back then I did training sessions for the Technical Field Agents, and I remember how much I hated giving presentations. In fact, I think that’s why I quit that job, because they had just informed me that would be my full time gig. But I digress.

Despite the anxiety, I was the one who needed to present xPDO, so I was going and I was presenting. Now, to even get to Dallas, I had to travel 11 hours from my home in Taos, New Mexico. I only recently moved to the Taos area, and my knowledge of the roads is, well, inadequate at best. And combined with Google Maps, life threatening at worst, as I found out Sunday morning shortly after 6am.

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Jason Coward

Web developer, database administrator, and software architect with 20+ years of experience.

Co-founder and lead architect of MODX

Colorado, USA