Shaun and I are working hard to complete 2.0.0-RC2, making key optimizations and taking care of as many loose ends as possible. Everyone that is interested, please get involved; test, use, and create with RC1 (or the latest in SVN). The more feedback we get, the better chance we’ll have of making this our last Release Candidate.

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After a few weeks of discovering Git, I have stopped using my Subversion clients altogether. In fact, I now use git-svn as my SVN client, and could not be happier about it. Git really is an amazing set of tools. Here’s why I am suddenly so addicted to the Git…

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As a developer of an open-source software product that depends on MySQL, I’m very concerned with the recent upgrades at many hosts to a specific distribution of MySQL, version 5.0.51, that contains some critical bugs that affect many applications, not just MODx. And though workarounds can be found, it would require folks to patch installations, potentially reducing performance on complex queries, and generally inconveniencing multiple open source communities; it would sure help if MySQL could help stop the distribution of releases with such critical bugs.

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Jason Coward

Web developer, database administrator, and software architect with 20+ years of experience.

Co-founder and lead architect of MODX

Colorado, USA