I knew there had to be a simple, efficient, and effective way to build nested menus using getResources instead of Wayfinder, and I finally figured out a way. With this discovery, I’ll likely never use Wayfinder again.

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I recently published a new Snippet for quickly caching the output of any MODX Element for a configurable amount of time. By default, it uses the Resource caching mechanism and stores it’s data uniquely by Resource, properties, and additional REQUEST parameters. So anytime the page is requested and the cache has expired, the Element will be processed fresh. And that’s just the simplest application…

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I’ve created a quick utility Snippet for MODX Revolution that logs how long it takes to execute a Snippet (or Chunk) you wrap with it. Makes it easy to find out if a particular tag is creating a performance bottleneck in your MODX Resources.

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Jason Coward

Web developer, database administrator, and software architect with 20+ years of experience.

Co-founder and lead architect of MODX

Colorado, USA