In an effort to remove the dependency on Ant, the Java-based build tool we have been using to build, test, and produce distribution packages of MODX Revolution, I spent the last week learning Phing, refactoring the xPDO and MODX Revolution build processes to use it, and writing a custom Phing Task to handle our YUICompressor requirements.

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Shaun and I are working hard to complete 2.0.0-RC2, making key optimizations and taking care of as many loose ends as possible. Everyone that is interested, please get involved; test, use, and create with RC1 (or the latest in SVN). The more feedback we get, the better chance we’ll have of making this our last Release Candidate.

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Jason Coward

Web developer, database administrator, and software architect with 20+ years of experience.

Co-founder and lead architect of MODX

Colorado, USA